to my integrative medicine private clinic in Chur 

My clinic opened in 2018 with the intention to provide integrative medical care to children and adults in the middle of the beautiful Swiss Alps. 

You will find some information on this page, and more details on the German or French version of this website.

Feel free to contact me and I will be glad to tell you more about my medical practice.

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Thank you ! 


About me ...

I studied medicine in Geneva (Medical Diploma in 2007 at the Université de Genève) and followed the academic and "conventional" medical pathway towards family and emergency medicine until 2017.

My internships in Switzerland (H√īpitaux Universitaires de Gen√®ve, Insel Spital Bern, H√īpital du Pays-d'Enhaut, H√īpital de Fribourg- Site Riaz, SOS m√©decins Gen√®ve, Center da Sanda Val M√ľstair, etc.), but also in Canada (H√īpital de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke and H√īpital St. Justine, Montreal) and Indonesia (Dr. Moewardi general hospital, Surakarta, Java) opened my eyes to many ways of¬†approaching¬†the patients and diseases.


But what I least expected in Indonesia in 2005 during the surgical internship, was to discover a very soft and quickly effective healing method in the treatment the grand-mother of my Javanese host (himself medical student) gave me ! While I was feeling tired after a long week of work at the hospital, constipated by eating lots of rice and dehydrated by warm temperatures, sore throat cause by air-condition and headache and cramps related to menstruations, the incredible reflexology master (around 75 years old) took my feet in her hands and without a word treated every sore spot on my plantar extremities. It hurt a little, but less than 30 minutes later I was FREE and relieved of all above mentioned symptoms. 

Is it magic ? 

no .... and yes ! 


It is : knowledge, experience, talent ... intuition, sensitivity. And the amazing ability of freeing energy routes and connexions that are blocked in the body. When the energy ist able to move freely in the body, health and joy fills body and mind immedialty ! 

This fascinated me deeply. 

Later, during a summer break, I discovered Ayurvedic Medicine in Kerala. My professor told me: "go back to Switzerland, learn "academic medicine", but never forget: Every patient is unique .... and what is a medicine for one patient might be ... with the exact same disease ! a poison with heavy side effects for another. So treat every patient individually , and you will obtain great success.


My endless search of understanding the human nature and what can affect it and lead to disease brought me to explore different types of medical therapies of course, ranging from emergency medicine to homeopathy ! 

But my real search was not only in the "outside" world ... some how I figured the answers I was looking for where already here .... in my one body and soul. 


 I then searched for a way to develop my intuition and find "a way back to my own SELF". 

I discovered that it was possible to be here - now - and at the same time be free of all emotions and fears and open for what comes without knowing what it is or needing to control it.

I trained myself in every moment, in the hospital and in daily life to "see and feel with my heart".

It is with this heart that I practice medicine. Sometimes it is "conventional medicine" that ist needed first. Sometimes it is something else. 

The patient tells me himself, by his symptoms but also by his interest in finding solution what way I will use to support him. 

Every patient is unique. Every disease is "unique" ... every solution is unique. 

This is what I can share in this atypical private medical clinic. 

ūüĎČ Feel free to contact me if you need support¬†yourself¬†or if you are a medical¬†doctor and you want to¬†share¬†experiences in integrative medicine¬†throughout the¬†wold.¬†

I will be glad to be in contact with you. 


Best regards

Dr. Gwendoline Fiechter, MD

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